Friday, 21 June 2013

Letter to Lo Lo

As I sit and wonder what to write to my little Lo, I am anxious about what I have to write about the past year and where I am now. This past year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs that have really changed who I am and, hopefully, who I will be in the future. It was a year of intersection and crisis, and I am still trying to figure out where I am in all of it. But I am thinking I am likely in a good place to write to you, Lo, in case one day you find yourself in this space.

As for you, Lo, you have changed and grown so much this past year. You are not only starting to become your own little person, you are developing into a thoughtful, observant, and fun little fellow. You are very curious about the world, asking many questions and noticing the little things around you. You enjoy playing sports, painting on anything, pretending to be a soldier, and playing with your three little friends…all boys, of course. You love to listen to us read you books, and you are slowly figuring out letters and words, and you have a hunger to learn to read. Amazingly you can spell your name and Papa’s name with pride and excitement. You show your independence by picking your own clothes, only eating foods you like, asking for certain music on the radio, and directing us in games you want to play. Finally, you are a spiritual creature, trying to figure out God and heaven, and you ask so many questions about where God and heaven are — and what they look like. You make your father and I very proud and make us laugh all of the time with the things you say and the things you notice. These three years have been so enjoyable — and I think you have enjoyed them too.

As for me personally, I do write with a bunch of other mamas, and we have made a commitment to write to our little babes about who we are at this time. The purpose is for you to have insight into who your mother is at this time, since I hope that one day you will be interested.

Gray Mama

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