Monday, 16 April 2012

Their So-Called Adult Lives

Apparently I’m not the only one who struggles with reconciling my old self, who slept in ‘til noon on weekends and had no idea there are people in this world who toilet-train their newborns, with this new Mom person (well, duh). Here are some lovely people who write about it honestly and coherently. (Just like us, we hope!)

Reasons Mommy Drinks

A drink to accompany every WTF moment of motherhood. Cope with the introduction of solids by putting the blender on double duty and mixing a pina colada, for instance. Hilarious and gorgeous and true. Except for all the drinking, of course — this is all “purely for laughs,” people. Right, and I haven’t instituted cocktail hour in my home on those days when Cookie’s daddy isn’t home by 5:45 to take over.

Bored Mommy

As a mostly-stay-at-home mom, I frequently am bored, which is baffling to me, since I don’t
seem to have any free time. And then I find myself reading that damn pigeon book for the fifth
time straight, and I remember why. So I totally responded to the title of this blog. And posts
like “How to Break the Ice with Other Mothers,” because she admits that she doesn’t like talking to other moms at the playground. Me too! And she has an imaginary boyfriend named Colin Firth. Me too!

Eating over the Sink

Samantha and Allana seem to be pretty comfortable in their role as moms, so maybe this is
out of place. But they’ve had to balance high-profile careers with parenthood and make it look awesome, so I’m guessing there’s some angst there somewhere. Dig in the archives and I’m sure you’ll find it. (See, for instance, the bit where Sam maybe regrets volunteering her first-born for a Daily Show bit in which her husband takes their baby to a peep show. And then definitely regrets showing said child the clip in toddlerhood.) You’ll have a lot of fun in the meantime.

Daddy Types

Why can’t we just be as relaxed and accepting of all this parenting stuff as dads are? Well,
where do I begin… Still, dads seem to have very little problem reconciling pre-baby life with
post-baby life (or am I the only non-single mom watching television ALONE on a Friday night?), so perhaps we should take some cues from them and read more dad blogs. This is one I read, although at times I find it a bit incoherent. Must just be my silly mommy brain.

- East End Mama

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