Monday, 9 July 2012

Lady’s Man

Yesterday I dropped J-man off at daycare. The other kids, as usual, were in the playground. He didn't want me to go, so he asked me to read him a book first. I wasn't in a hurry so I did. It was a cute book about healthy food choices. A few pages in, a little girl came and sat beside J-man. She was very interested in the story. A few more pages in and J-man tested the waters and put his arm around her. It was so cute I had to laugh. I continued to read but neither child was looking at me or at the book. They were looking at each other and smiling. She leaned in and puckered up, and they went for a kiss. They missed a bit — she kissed the air in front of him first and he kissed her cheek. It was very sweet. I continued to read and tried not to react, and when I was done I told J-man I was off to work. Normally he protests and says, “No work,” but not on that day. He didn’t even look up. I left and they happily played.

Today, he protested: “No Momma...up!” I picked him up and gave him a kiss. The little girl came over, so I said, “Look, J-man, it’s Kelly.” “Oh Kelleee!” he said, and off they went to play. Long story short: he’s not even two and he’s abandoning his mother for cute little girls. No big deal; see ya, Mom!

-Sleepwalking Mama

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