Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Gift Ideas for Baby #2

When you’re having a second baby, nobody is going to throw you a party. You have
already exhausted all your friends’ capacity for gift-buying with your first baby, which
likely came just a few short months after your destination wedding. (Or was that just
me?). BUT, if you do have a friend with baby #2 on the way, here are my suggestions for
what a mommy really wants:

  • Pedicure, manicure, facial, brow wax — anything remotely considered pampering.
  • Gift certificate for a great bra store (nursing section or no, we all need bras, and again this could be considered an indulgence).
  • Gift certificate for family and/or newborn portraits.
  • Food, food, and more food. I recently learned that Whole Foods sends gift baskets.
  • A set of DVDs (Blu-ray, whatever) from your fave show (unless that show is about kids or parents getting illnesses and/or dying).
  • Magazines (the sleazier the better).

As always:
Do not buy Sophie the Giraffe — she is great, but just don’t buy it.

Of course, we are grateful for anything we receive, and never expect a gift! And if all
you have to give is time holding the baby so we can shower or have a conversation that
doesn’t include Lightning McQueen, well, that is pretty great too!

-Tightrope Mama

[image: by Terry Fan]

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