Monday, 10 September 2012

Happy Kid Moment #1

Dad and W have a little ritual, on the occasion that mommy gets to sleep in, the boys
head out to a greasy spoon for breakfast. They always have French Toast and bacon

Last time they went, my husband told me the cutest thing happened, a waiter gave
W a little metal NYC taxi cab that another kid had left behind. Well, let me tell
you, there really is no greater gift for W then a car! Apparently, he pushed it all
over the restaurant, and spent the whole stroller ride home saying “VROOOOOM
VROOOOOM”. When they got home, it was nap time and W refused to let go of the
car. What is a dad to do? Let the babe sleep with a small metal object, obviously.
When my husband got in to bed with me (I was still asleep), he told me about the
car and I said “Go get that choking hazard out of the crib, please”. About 20 minutes
had elapsed since W went down and all was quiet, so he thought it would be safe
to creep and remove the prized possession. W heard the door creak open, leaped
to a standing position from a dead sleep, hoisted the little yellow toy in the air, and
yelled “A CAR!”

Daddy just shut the door and W returned to his nap. We were laughing for hours
and the car is still a favourite several weeks later!

-Tightrope Mama

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  1. SO cute!!! Never take the toy away. Ever. Holy crap. :D