Saturday, 27 July 2013

BlogHer Day One

Four out of the six moms made it to BlogHer.

We met for free coffee at the Porter lounge just bursting with the excitement of being both away from our kids and with the prospect of bringing our blog to the next level. Being busy moms we were all a little hazy on what exactly we were entering in to and what we were supposed to do. Luckily - there's an app for that! So off we went with the BlogHer schedule to create our days.

After making our way from airport to Metro to hotel to sandwich to conference centre, I headed into a roundtable discussion on women, work, and the glass ceiling. It was super funny, insightful, and most importantly honest. I kind of wish I hadn't rushed out to the next thing, but oh well!

Here are just a few pearls of wisdom that I took from them that I want to share:
  • So many of us are trying to keep with with the ideals of who we think our mothers (and fathers) were, only to discover that we are remembering it all wrong. @LisaBelkin
  • A good family life is planned and intentional - it doesn't happen by accident. - Stacey Ferguson
  • Be engaged with your kids, don't multitask, and make eye contact. @JenWeigel
After a whirlwind walk of the trade show floor (free stuff! wine!) we are now seated waiting for the Voices of the Year address. We are all furiously typing into our phones, trying to assemble our thoughts and capture the experience.

So far, so good... But with these ladies, how could you go wrong?


-Tightrope Mama

(images by Drama Mama)

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